List of Problems Beginners in the Real Estate Encounter

Most of the beginners struggle when it comes to concluding the first real estate deals and the problems or flaws of their approach are often ignored. Therefore, it is important to underline the crux of the main points that are often missed by the beginners in the field. For example, there are some of the beginners who tend to spend a decent amount of money in terms of investing, however, when it comes to the ownership of the property, most of them lack that or haven’t been able to secure it. That said, it is important to know what kind of property or real estate business is your niche, the scope of your resources and your knowledge of the field. The main point is that if you possess all the capabilities and aptitude to break a deal, all you need to know is follow the steps in an arranged manner.


High Expectations

If one closely pay attention to the approach and strategy of the beginners, it becomes clear that they rely more on gaining the knowledge about the business in form of attending conferences, following posts and website links, while when it comes to the practical part or taking action, discrepancies are often found. This means that if one focuses on bookish knowledge more, chances are it will increase your expectations and may create problems for you to pursue the practical concrete step to achieve a goal.

Role of Emotion and Logic                                              

Another commonality among the beginners in the field of real estate is that some of them apply the approach which they are accustomed to. For example, if a person A has used the strategy of finding the particular type of property and if he/she finds out that the property can be bought at a low market value, they would go for it without thinking about the consequences.  The problem is when all the homework done by you is shown to the clients they do get impressed; however, if you talk about the written agreement, it is often not done. As a result, the person who is new in the business ends up having no solid deal to break the ice or build a portfolio for him or herself.


This means that if you as a point BrEEze Real estate agent who gets excited about a deal, it does not mean that your client swill also feels the same or vice versa. So, if you rely on the logical reasons to convince your clients about the merits and demerits of a deal by showing apartment Video Tours such as you may increase the chances of securing a deal as compared to relying on the emotions, which can be confusing or unreliable at times. Another disadvantage of depending on the emotions to guide your choices is that your thought process may get clouded or fuzzy due to the over-dominance of the sentiments attached with a deal or property. That said, one cannot deny the significance of the emotions either. For example, in some of the instances emotions can guide our decisions or choices.  Likewise, if you find it hard to rationally make a choice, the sentiment can help you in narrowing a prospective property. Hence, it is the balance of logic and emotions which will change your strategy.

The Process of Buying First Property

If one follows the recommendation of the experts in the business, it shows that the role of taking imitative and going out there into the market and investing in the property is something that would help you to gain insights. In simple words, the emphasis on taking actions and getting out of thought process is suggested by the top names in the business. In other words, the fear of entering into the market is one of the obstructing factors which may stop you from dipping your toes in the business or from taking an action. Moreover, the overreliance on gaining the information or steps involved in the buying process may distract you from actually buying a real estate. This means that you shouldn’t let the fear of failure or unknown from launching your career.


Once you have bought a property, the possibility of all the fears and things which can go wrong will become apparent and you will find out that taking into consideration all the factors is good, however, if you get trapped by attempting to address all the unseen aspects, you may not be able to make a decision. In addition, the deal related to second property becomes relatively easy if you have successfully gone through the process of buying the first option. This means that over the passage of time, all the fear and nervousness will fade away, it is, therefore, important to remember this point. If you are someone who envies those investors who have experience in the field or who seems fearless when it comes to taking risks and opting for unconventional property, it is necessary to recall that all those refined investors have also gone through the same process of nervousness, but the only difference between you and them is that they have managed to overcome the concerns that prevent a investors from taking the action and making the final decision.

Taking Initiative

Fears and concerns before taking a big step or finalizing a deal are not something very unusual. For example, if you start anything new, the thought process may mitigate you from taking the required steps. However, if you have overcome the obstacles and fears attached to new projects, you will be in a better position to appreciate the role of concerns and the sentiment of relief one experiences after you have overcome all the obstacles. In short, the emphasis on taking initiative will not help to overcome the fears and concern all of a sudden, however, with your experience, you will learn the guiding role of the negative emotions in guiding your process of making decisions and buying your first property.


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